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Bad Girls Blog it Better is made up of a group of girls who were destined to become friends through the shared love of one particular book.  The girls bring with them an honest and uniquely global perspective to book blogging.  Bad Girls Blog it Better has been created through the passion of 13 English speaking women across three continents with diverse educational and professional backgrounds.

Bad Girls Blog it Better promises to review with integrity.  Reviews will be honest, constructive and entertaining.  Our rating system is out 10, and is symbolised by the 'horndog'.  The horndog has been defined as a "sexually excited or desirous person", and with romance / erotic being our favourite genre, its a label that has been asociated with this group of girls for some time.

It is safe to say that if a book gets a good rating from Bad Girls Blog it Better, you'll want to read it, and it'll probably melt your panties!

Penelope Pureheart

Penelope is a mother, grandmother and retired teacher.  Penelope has a master's degree and lives in Ohio, USA.  After reading 'Gone with the Wind' in the sixth grade, she fell in love with Rhett Butlet and historic fiction.

Kimberlyn Kandie

Kimberlyn is a mom and an Army Brat, who grew up in Berlin, Germany.  Kimberlyn works from home in medical billing and lives in North Carolina, USA.  She is an avid reader mostly in romance and erotica novels.

Scooby Review

Scooby (aka Shaz in her real life) is a mum of two who works full time.  Busy juggling family and work commitments means that she loves to escape into a good book.  She has loved reading for as along as she can remember, always with a book in her hand (now it's her kindle).  Her favourite genres are contemporary romance, erotica, psychological thrillers, paranormal and pretty much anything in between, if it's good!  Some of her fave authors are Kristen Ashley, Georgia Cates, Patricia Cornwell, Janet Evanovich, James Patterson, Jackie Collins and Charlaine Harris.  As an Aussie girl she is also a big fan of  Tara Moss and Wendy Harmer's stories.  Her blog buddy Shaggy and her get up to lots of mischief, so be prepared!  Scooby looks forward to sharing her thoughts with you all about the good and the not so good books!

JD Nighthawk

JD is a freelance makeup artist and mother of one, living a lovely life in the beautiful Whitsundays, Australia.  JD's bookshelf is a literary pick n mix - from FBI Mind Hunter, 90's rock biographies, David Lachapelle photography, The Alchemist, Harry Potter, Twilight, True Blood, Game of Thrones (yeah, she wants to throttle George RR Martin for killing off her favourite characters) LOTR's to FSoG.  JD will read anything if the mood strikes her and can disappear into a secondhand bookstore for days.  Her favourite romance author is Kristen Ashley, and of course EL James.  Her BBFF (Best book friend forever) is Lola D Lovegood.  JD's reading interests in one word.... RANDOM!

Shaggy Catch-Twentytwo

Shaggy (aka Trish) is a kick a$$ momma and has been since she was 17 years old.  She has four kids (three 'adult' kids and one pre-teen).  Shaggy has worked in Corrections since she was 19, but found her passion, her road to redemption working with the youth that no one wants or has given up on.  On Shaggy's side of the tracks reading wasn't cool, so she didn't start reading until four years ago, in search of a quiet mind... which she found.  Shaggy has made it her mission to bring books to the young people she comes into contact with.

Shaggy has no preferences, her only preference is to find that book, THAT book that holds you captive and years could pass and you'd never forget the words or the pings and twists your heart makes.  FYI Tarryn Fisher owns her, along with Rebecca Donovan, Colleen Hoover, RL Mathewson and Kristen Ashley.  Shaggy wanted to do this blog, for thousands of different reasons, but most importantly, because she was tired of seeing sunshine blowing reviews.. those 5 star reviews, that really weren't earned.


MiMi is a mother and grandmother who is of mature age, but feels 21, as if age matters!  She has worked as an early educator for 28 years and could not imagine doing anything other than helping to enrich and prepare the minds of those little people.  MiMi has always loved books but truly fell in love with books at the age of 9 when she read a story of a little blind and deaf girl named Helen Keller.  Ms Keller has been MiMi's lifelong heroine having survived the challenges life dealt her, and made such an impact on the world in doing so.  MiMi has read almost every genre of book.  Her favourites lean more towards the contemporary/erotic romance direction.  Engaging stories are a must and it doesn't hurt to have lots of steamy sex as well!

Meggie Bean

Meggie Bean is an almost 24 year old mother of a little girl.  She has been reading and writing since she can remember and her interests are varied.  Meggie will read just about anything with a good story line and at least a little bit of romance.  When Meggie reads, she tries to find books that have a different plot or twist than some of the more popular books.  She loves the gut wrenching feeling that comes along when reading certain things and she wants the characters to become a part of her.  Plus - a little dirty, sultry sex never hurts. ;) 

Mia Rose

Mia Rose is 20 years old and from Wales, United Kingdom.  Reading is an escape for Mia as she helps her mother raise her 1 year old baby brother, as her mum as a single parent and the one person in Mia's life that she could not live without.  Other interests of Mia's are fashion, she loves clothes, shoes and accessories.  Mia cannot go 1 week without buying something new, so its safe to say her wardrobes are more than overflowing, driving her mum mad!  Mia loves nothing more than getting her hair and nails done, it's always guaranteed to relax her.  She loves music and dancing and she can often be found with her Ipod on, dancing and reading at the same time!  The type of books Mia loves most are erotic romance... a book without steamy sex is not worth reading in her eyes!  Mia first fell in love with the Twilight Saga, and while lets face it, they were hardly sexy, given she was 15 at the time she had to settle!  Mia needs to be pulled into a book when reading, if she can't picture herself as the heroine or with the hero, then the book is ruined for her!!!

Lola D Lovegood

Lola D , but call her Dragon, lives in Michigan with her husband and two children.  Reading is her escape and she talks about characters as if they actually exist.  Lola D is passionate about the arts and loves to top into her creative side as often as she can.  Lola D can relate almost any  situation to a movie and have a quote to go along with it!  Its kind of a problem...LOL!  Lola D loves books with a dark twist and a lot of steam, but interests range all the way from poetry by William Shakespeare to Captive in the Dark by CJ Roberts and just about anything and everything in between.  Some of Lola D's very favourite authors are Anne Rice, EL James, Georgia Cates, Stephenie Meyers, Sylvia Day and CJ Roberts.  When a book can smack you in the face with it's raw emotion and leave you reeling for days or even weeks... now that's a good book!  Lola D still loves a good fairy tale... She just prefers them a little dirtier now!!  Lola D looks forward to contributing on this blog and sharing her passion for reading with others, and she can't wait for all of the shenanigans that await her, with her BBFF (Best Book Friend Forever) JD Nighthawk xo

Kimmy Sparkles

Kimmy Sparkles is a 32 year old mother of two pretty awesome kids.  She is from Indianapolis, IN, USA.  Kimmy is a new reader and super excited about reading.  Growing up she was never much of a reader, like at all, never read a book that wasn't required by school. It wasn't until Kimmy was given a Kindle Fire for Christmas 2011 that she started to read.  The first e-book she purchased and read was the Twilight Saga and she loved it.  After that, Kimmy read the Hunger Games, and loved that too.  But it wasn't until she read Fifty Shades of Grey.. that she was really hooked.  Kimmy was blown away that books could be naughty and make you feel butterflies.  Now - she is a complete goner, she loves books with romance and passion and a little bit of kink as well.  But what she loves the most is that feeling you get when you find a book you love and it gives you the butterflies.

Lilly Valley

Lilly Valley tried to get her daughter to change her name to Lilly, but she said NO WAY!  Anyway, Lilly is here with you wonderful ladies because she loves to read as much as you all do.  She has 3 grown kids, who don't need her as much anymore and a husband who works 14 hours a day.  Lilly was first introduced to this genre when she read Fifty Shades of Grey.  Lilly's family gave her a kindle for her 50th birthday and she is now hooked.  She works a part time job at 4 am and works in her family business.  Lilly lives in Franklin WI (a burb of Milwaukee) and has been married to her high school sweetheart for 27 years.  Yep, Lilly is 51 but still having fun!  Lilly is looking forward to this blog adventure, and hopes you are too xx

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