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~~Mia Rose's Top 10 Books of all time~~

I'm Mia Rose, and I'm bringing you my Top 10 favourite books of all time. 

There's nothing I love more than to sit down in a comfy chair and read a good book, I love how I can escape from the real world for a few hours and into the land of make believe (well technically it's make believe but its very much real to me lol.)

These are my ultimate escape books, they took hold of me and didn't let me go until the very last page was turned, and even then they still had me in their clutches for days after because I couldn't stop thinking about them!!!

I hope you love these books as much as I did.  Love Mia xxxxx

10. Captive in the dark - C.J. Roberts

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Coming in at number 10, Captive in the Dark is a book I hated and loved at the same time (then felt guilty for loving it).  I hated Caleb all the way through the book, but somehow by the end I loved him to.  How that happened I really don't know considering the things he did in the book.

I really loved Livvie and her fighting spirit.  She stayed strong while being subjected to Caleb's own unique brand of torture.  C.J Roberts does an amazing job of making us see past all the terrible stuff Caleb did and help us to see that he was just a damaged little boy who was just doing what he had grown up thinking was normal. That doesn't mean that i wasn't completely disturbed for about 95% of the book though!

9. Knight & Stay - Kitty French

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I thought the first book in the series was just ok, but Knight & Stay was outstanding.  I loved seeing more of Lucien's vulnerable and caring side, in fact, I loved everything about this second book in the series.  The steam factor is just as sky high in this book as it was in the first, and that's exactly how it needs to be for me to enjoy a book.  It was lovely to watch their pure sexual relationship turn into a deeply loving one by the end.

8. In Flight - R.K Lilley

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At number 8, is my very first BDSM book.  Being a BDSM virgin, I didn't know how I would react to the SM part in BDSM. 

Honestly, sadism/masochism still isn't really for me, but the relationships between the characters made this book come alive for me.  

I absolutely adored Stephen, Bianca's best friend, their friendship really touched me.  The way they cared and looked out for each other was just beautiful.  Obviously the sex was crazy HOT, as was Mr Cavendish aka Mr Beautiful, Mr Dominant, and Mr Mercurial of course.

7. Real - Katy Evans

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I loved how original this story was in this book.  I hadn't read anything like this before , and I haven't since.  I can honestly say I've never read a book with an alpha male like Remy before, he's truly unique (in a good way).  I was completely under Remy's spell from the get go!

6. Happy Hour - Shey Stahl

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I have no words for the level of love I have for this book.  The detail the author went into
was truly amazing.  It's also one of the funniest books I've ever read.  The humour between all the characters was brilliant, (I loved my arse off all the way through to the end).  There's a bit of everything in this book to please everyone.  I want to be a part of the Riley Family!!!

So we've reached the half way point in the countdown of my top 10 books.  The next 5, I think should be at the very top of everyone's must read list.

So here we go... 

5. Bared To You - Sylvia Day

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Who needs 50 Shades when we have the Crossfire Series.  I loved how true to life this book was, Eva was no innocent, naive virgin, she was a woman with a troubled past and was doing whatever she could to keep her life under control.  Gideon's intensity and possessiveness is exactly what i look for in my favourite alpha males.  This is another really sexy read and I got all hot under the collar a few times reading some of the sex scenes.  Again, I adored another secondary character, Eva's best friend Cary, he was there for her constantly, without fail.

4. Collide - Gail McHugh

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I didn't think this would be a book I would like when it first came out, simply because I'd heard it had a cheating story line, and that's something 
I really don't like to read about. I could of kicked myself when I finally gave in and read it.  I don't condone what Emily and Gavin did.  But when it comes to this book, I really didn't care that they had an affair behind Dillon's back because I really hated him, and I loved Gavin so much.  I have to say, though I liked Emily, I did want to give her a smack a few times and say "for God's sake girl, wake up!"  Gavin made this book for me, he's truly a special hero.  The sex being sizzlingly hot didn't hurt either.

3. Colter's Woman - Maya Banks

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In third place, my very first 'menage a quatre' book, so I was very nervous about reading it, in fact I really didn't think it would be for me.  Boy was I wrong, I absolutely loved it!!!  The sex scenes in this book are honestly some of the very best I've ever read, they're so hot, erotic, and emotional it should be illegal.  But, it also has a really great storyline and amazing characters to go with the great sex!

2. The Mighty Storm - Samantha Towle

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@ Goodreads

Second place is The Mighty Storm, me need for a hot bad boy was met in this book.  Jake Weathers was so very, very dreamy, and Tru was perfect for him.  I was so swept along with the story and the characters, I felt like I was living each and every angst filled moment with them.

So we've reached the end of my countdown...almost.  It's time to see what I have chosen as my Number 1 book of all time...  Ladies and Gentlemen...  *drum roll*

1. Beauty from Pain - Georgia Cates

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Finally, in first place is Beauty from Pain.  Georgia Cates did an excellent job of drawing me in from the very beginning, I was hooked from the first page to the last.  I loved everything about this book, from the story line to the characters and everything in between.  I fell completely in love with Jack Henry and the chemistry between him and Laurelyn was electric. I also loved Laurelyn's spunky attitude, she was no weak, dependent woman that's for sure.  She was strong and independent and didn't need help from anyone.  THAT is the type of heroine I like best of all!!!

So there you have it, my Top 10.  Although, if I could have, I would have put them all in first place, as I love them all equally as much!!!

Be sure to let the Bad Girls know your fave's xx


  1. Love your top 10, I've read all of them but 2, and I must say, I agree with all of them, minus the two I have not read of course...LOL!! Great Choices <3