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JD Nighthawk Reviews 'ABLAZE' (Fireside Series Vol. 1) by Morgana Black

Ablaze is the first installment of Morgana Black's Fireside series,  and it is a quick steamy read at 26 pages.

This book was short , it was sweet, it was....over (and is not suitable for readers under 18 years of age)

So you all can have an idea of what goes down here is a quick synopsis...

"Cheyenne is planning the perfect weekend with her partner to be Collin.  But when the weather turns ugly she finds herself trapped in a cabin with dangerously attractive Luke, one of her father's ranch hands.  When the power goes out Luke and Cheyenne make the decision to keep each other warm, in more ways than one."

Before we get to the review - here's a bit about Morgana Black
Morgana Black is a hair stylist by day and hottie writer by night.  She walks her dogs in high heels and never leaves the house without red lipstick.  She firmly believes in the power of Zen, and does yoga freely in her backyard in her favorite set of pumps.


For a quick read, Ablaze was perfect....for the first 3/4 of the book.  Great characters, and character development, and given the time frame, the story flowed seamlessly and was easy to follow. The characters are all likeable and relatable.

I really enjoyed this story. There are some instances where I questioned the believability of the situation 
(ie: mountain lions and the lack of clothing during a blizzard) but they were easily over looked by the fact that as a whole, this was an enjoyable read.

My only let down was the steam factor. For me, it was lacking. I thought the lead up was perfect but felt slightly ripped off by the actual so called 'erotica'. I felt like the author rushed through the last few pages as if she had lost interest. I think if the sex scene was smokin' hot then this book would have earned itself a higher rating. I wanted more!

For me, Ablaze earns itself 6 horn dogs. If the the author would have given the sex scene the same attention to detail and same enthusiasm given to the first 80% of the book then I think I could have given a much higher rating.

Morgana....I loved your story but please, in the next installment bring the heat girl!  

JD xxx

JD Nighthawk rates Ablaze


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Shaggy & Scooby review The Bitter End by Rue Volley

The Bad Girls were approached to help promote the second book in the Golden Crown Series, The Twin Dragons.  
In return, we agreed to provide honest reviews of both books 1 & 2.

This review is for Book 1 of the Golden Crown Series - The Bitter End.

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The mischievous Shaggy and Scooby let you in on their thoughts about The Bitter End, but before they unleash them....

Here is the synopsis!

"Bethany was born into a world of privilege and has never had to want for anything in her life.  Her parents gave her everything but the one thing she desired the most... love.  When Bethany's mother dies, her father becomes even more distant with the immediate replacement of Bethany's mother by "Miko",  a woman who has no compassion nor interest in Bethany whatsoever.

On her own and living in a penthouse, a lavish gift from her father, Bethany ignores all responsibility as she lives on a weekly allowance her Father is sure to place in her bank account.  With too much time on her hands, Bethany is free to pursue other interests such as a young man she never cared for in school names Ryan Blackwood.  Ryan is a male escort for hire and has made his living on pleasuring the higher echelons of New York society women, but when he meets Bethany his game is shifted from one of hunter to one of prey and he will soon find out that she is not the easy target he once imagined.

Their torrid love affair is filled with a painful need to harm each other in every way, including in the bedroom.  Will Bethany finally receive the love she has always desired or will her lineage doom her forever?

"The Bitter End" is book one in the Golden Crown Series, filled with lust, greed, suspense and murder.  Sometimes new beginnings lead only to bitter ends."

Shaggy & Scooby give The Bitter End  

Shaggy's Review:

This book is hard to review without giving too much away. Holy Crap this was not by any standards my "normal" read...oh it was steamy!!!! Rue Volley mind fucked me just when I would have a WTH moment Rue would bulldoze me again and again.

In The Bitter End, Rue Volley introduces us to Ryan and Beth who are two effed up individuals, shady and shallow and they are on a train that you know is going to wreck but you can't look away!!!!! Trust me I tried, you watch them do despicable things to one another, I even hear the trains whistle blowing in the background to warn me of the imminent danger...but yet I still couldn't look away.

There is no doubt that Ryan and Beth have dark, dark issues, they do. Ryan is a cocky (teehee inside joke) man who came from nothing and sleeps around for a bunch of something’s and who happens to be very talented at that. Beth, well she is your typical rich girl who is emotionally cut off and putting it mildly has some intense daddy issues. These two feed off of each other and it was explosive!!!!! In the bedroom and out.

Rue Volley did not let me catch my breath once.  I don't think I met one person who wasn't 50 different ways of all kinds of a hot mess. That aside The Bitter End is a dark read that shows the ugly side of the world, whether you agree or not, Rue took you to that world and showed you these people up close and ....they were a hot mess!

At times I did feel lost in the book and had a difficult time getting a feel of the Authors flow, but after I was a quarter into the book it went a little smoother.

Rue Volley may not have given me hearts and flowers but she definitely gave me a mind fuck I won't forget!

I give this book 4/10 horndogs.

Scooby’s review:

Wow – where do I start with The Bitter End, at the beginning?  Well that is sort of the end… The book starts with a point at the end, then tells the story to bring you up to that point, and it starts at a pivotal point in the story, so it sucks you in.  Should I start at the end?  Well hell – that is just all kinds of what the fuck? That it might just scare you all away.

Ok seriously – if you think this review is starting out confused – that is the best indication of where the hell my head is at after reading The Bitter End!

I agree with Shaggy – it’s a hell of a hard book to review without giving away significant plot details, and that would mean providing spoilers like nobody’s business, and that would not be cool!

So the book is set around the life of Beth, a spoilt rich girl, and utter bitch, who of course really may just be misunderstood, thanks to her emotionally neglected upbringing.  Her best friend Holland, who tolerates Beth treating her like shit, because they both get something out of the relationship, and of course Ryan, the hot guy who is renowned for his sexual stamina, but also happens to be a high class whore.  Beth has a hate/hate, or a love/hate relationship with everyone.  And she is really unlikable.

Frankly, I didn't like any of the characters in this story.  It wasn't for lack of trying, but I really struggled to relate to the attitudes and behaviours of this ultra-wealthy trio, regardless of how they came across their money.  There were glimmer’s of hope, moments where empathy showed up, and then it just got sucked away in the turn of a page!  Again, I’m with Shaggy… this is like a car crash – you know it’s going to be bad, but you just can’t look away!

Rue Volley does nothing, if not push boundaries and write in a very raw and confronting manner.  This is not an easy read – if you want hearts and flowers and happy ever after – this is not for you! No Way!  No How!  This story is twisted, brutal, raw, manipulative, confronting, and all kinds of WTF!

Where I found the book lacking, is with the depth of character development.  The story is there – the story is good, the drama is there in spades, the sex is hard and dirty, there is power, greed, lies and deception at every turn, but the length of the book meant that these elements were superficial and far from engaging.  It felt that the author was rushing to tell the story, so everything happened at break neck speed, and periods of time where implied significant events occurred went missing.

I really wanted to love The Bitter End because it was so different from my current genres of choice, and while I will read and review the Twin Dragons (because curiosity killed the cat…and I have a need to know where it goes, like that crash that you can’t look away from) I am not waiting in anticipation.  The Bitter End had so many twists and turns that I am still trying to figure out which way is up, but rather than go Whooaaaa, I am stuck reflecting on the lack of believability.  I know stories aren't real, but I still need to get some sense of buy in – that it could actually happen, or at the very least, if it couldn't happen, I still believe what I am reading. 

Unfortunately, The Bitter End did not deliver that for me.  I give the Bitter End 4/10 Horndogs

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Reviews of Holly Roberts Bad Boys of Rock, Books 1 & 2 *edited with additional review*

Members of the Bad Girls Team have reviewed the following books in the Club El Diablo Series 
by Holly Roberts

The Bad Boy Dom 
(Book 6, Club El Diablo Series ~ Book 1, Bad Boys of Rock, sub series)

Reviewed byPenelope Pureheart, Kimmy Sparkles & Shaggy Catch-Twentytwo

Penelope  & Kimmy both rate Bad Boy Dom 4/10
and Shaggy an 8/10...
therefore it gets a Bad Girls average
of 5 horndogs
Shaggy's Review:

Krispin Righteous... What is a woman to do? A Rockstar who is into kinky fuckery, he is behind a door that I would bang down any day.  I was not a huge fan of Angela (the sub) at first.  I wanted to scream at her a couple of times, but then Holly gave me more... and at the end, I wanted to hug Angela and high five her ass!!!

" Apprehension caused my slightly bratty wiggle against his groin when we entered the room. How would he handle me in this mood? I craved submission and knew my fear  came from the undeniable need to know if the walking sex god would master me." 

Hey, I can't give away all the "booty".  I love how the author, Holly Roberts, nailed the emotional part of the characters behind the BDSM scene, she definitely knows her stuff.  If you are a fan of BDSM I highly recommend this series... heck all of her books, but if you are new to BDSM you might not understand the emotional state of some of the characters.  I was fortunate enough to know Angela from the beginning... the very beginning, 'One Dom at a Time' beginning, where Damian meets the fiery red head Lydia, and Club El Diablo!!  It was awesome that Holly gives us peeks at Lydia and Damian (these two are explosive) who I fell in love with.

I did enjoy The Bad Boy Dom and Holly's spin on BDSM... Krispin, FYI, you have been added to my 'stable' of men (you have been warned!).
This isn't a typical hearts and flowers story, it is a story of two people who have emotional baggage and pasts that get in their way.  I loved Krispin for the way he handled Angela..  High five Damian, they are a perfect match!

I give The Bad Boy Dom 8 horndogs!

Penelope is in her 60s, a grandmother and spent 40 years as a teacher.  

This book was a bad fantasy with a strange HEA ending.  I’m at a loss on how to review this book.  I like that the main characters fell in love and end up wanting to get married but so much of this book didn’t connect with me.   

I never understood the setting, a large first class hotel in Houston that has a BDSM club on one floor and owner of the hotel lives in the hotel with his girlfriend and baby daughter.  I can’t connect with that situation.  Visualizing a hotel or resort like the setting described didn’t work; "exclusive” didn’t give me enough to buy into the setting.  Maybe places like this exist but I could never believe it, not enough to connect me.  I need more details if this hotel is based on some real place bring those details so I can buy into the setting.

The characters were kind, loving and protective, but they didn’t mind beating people or being beaten for sexual pleasure.   Oxymoron in my brain!  Punishing your best friend by torture just doesn’t do it for me. Again, this may really happen but I could never connect with that part of the book.  The characters never had enough dialog , internal or conversation, on why hurting other people helped them or the person being hurt.   The story lost believability for me.

The basic plot of the book could work for me with boy meets girl, boy falls in love and tries to help girl with her terrible childhood.  Boy is hot Rock Star, girl is beautiful but troubled and loving friends offer support to the troubled pair.  There is a good strong plot line, nice bones.  Friend that like to double team girl etc. could work.  The theme of love conquering problems and the two living HEA is a good one.

I would like to see more internal dialog with the characters.  The story could develop through their eyes and thoughts.  The dialog between the characters without the internal connection made the story hard to follow at times.  Alternating point of view between Kris and Angela help the story and gave us a chance to meet the two characters.  Maybe the use of more descriptive and sensory language would have helped more to know them better.  The little things we learn about characters that make them more human and easier for us to like.  The Mt. Dew and lemon was a great little detail about Kris that I really loved. 

Kimmy is a 32 year old mother of two that works in healthcare as a medical assistant.

Alright so this book had all kinds of issues for me. The plot was there but the scenes didn’t flow and the dialog was sloppy. I was ok with the idea of a troubled girl with an abusive past coping with the trauma of her childhood by pain for pleasure and finding love along the way.  But I just didn’t feel the chemistry between the characters. There was no build up to get to know and care about the characters, so I didn’t feel a connection to them.

I say the dialog was sloppy because there were times while reading that I had no clue who was talking. The story was missing describing words and imagery detail. Like for instance the main character Krispin all we know is he’s hot and a rock star but nothing more like the color of his hair, his eyes or if he has tattoos, a muscular body. The sex club is not described very well. I like it when an author makes me see exactly what they see and that was missing for me.

I enjoy these darker reads. And I think this story could have a lot of potential but it needs more. The sex scenes or the BDSM in it was like I said missing something. I need everything described to me the way the smack of the whip felt against her ass, the sting it gave, the look on his face, the setting the way the room look from ceiling to floor.  It also seemed like the sex scenes were cut short. They were like wam bam thank you mam and done. I want that all described to me, I think that BDSM and even these hot rough, raw sex scenes could be good just once again needs more detail.  I just felt confused at times and wasn’t able to picture the setting. 

It has potential just needs more describing words. I would not recommend to a friend. 

Loving Two Doms 
(Book 7, Club El Diablo Series ~ Book 2, Bad Boys of Rock, sub series)

Reviewed by: Kimberlyn Kandie, Mia Rose, Mimi Durham and Meggie Bean

Kimberlyn, Mia, Mimi & Meggie's average
 rating for  Loving Two Doms

Keep reading to see exactly how the same
can have different appeal to
different readers!

Kimberlyn & Mia collaborated on their review and rated Loving Two Dom's 3.5 out of 10!

This book started out with a bang but quickly fizzled out!! This book is about two best friends Matt and Stephon that play in a Rock band and are into BSDM.   

We learn that they served in the Marine Corp in the Afghanistan war together and went through a tuff situation where a mother and infant child are shot to death. This is what causes Stephon to need to be whipped to help with deal with the pain from that fateful day.  This story line of the mom and infant being killed was a complete turn off for us with this story. We understand that there needs to be background for a character going through pain but not a line of an infant dying. 

Plus Matt and Stephon say they are not gay several times during the book but they are way to touchy feely.  You see when Matt starts to get bored and goes to a diner where he meets Jewel. She is a waitress at the diner who lost her fiancĂ© in a motorcycle crash years before also leaving her with a scar on her face. We do like how Matt sees her beauty past the scar and thinks she is beautiful.   

Jewel is not a strong woman in this book though she is independent and has a smart mouth that earns her punishment from Matt and Stephon. Jewel seems to fall too quickly into Matt and Stephon’s kinky life style of BSDM.  As well as falls in love with them and seems to enjoy it way to fast after telling Matt that spanking would be a deal breaker for her in the beginning.  Then she loves to see the welts on her ass in the mirror after each spanking. Don’t get it. Seems like the book is being to rushed and story lines are being left out. 

We felt like Jewel did not get enough of her background told in the book. The sex scenes seem to not be followed up with all the way. Then there were scenes in the book that felt unnecessary like when Lydia was whipping Angela. I got more interested in Krispen and Angela than anything else. It just seemed the book dragged and was hard to finish.

Mimi and Meggie on the other hand rated Loving Two Doms 7 out of 10 each.  They reviewed it individually, keep reading to see what they thought about it!

Mimi:  I have read a few books on BDSM but I am no expert on the subject by any means. I did find this book to be very steamy & sexual.    

***Spoiler Alert***

This story is about Matt and Stephon who are your bad boys of rock, whose bond is as strong as any brothers.  Then there is Jewel, an innocent, vanilla waitress with a nonexistent love life.  Jewel barely makes ends meet but seems to be content with her mundane, quiet life. She bears physical scars which she feels self-conscious about, but also carries emotional scars that may never heal.

By way of a fluke Matt, the guitarist of a popular rock band, finds his way to the diner where Jewel works waiting tables and baking scrumptious muffins.  Matt is immediately attracted to Jewel and loves the muffins.  When he finds out she bakes muffins for the diner daily a flirtatious friendship forms.  The friendship grows into an intense sexual attraction and a wild night of love making with some kink introduced, something Jewel has never tried.

What makes the story different is that Matt has an intensely close friendship with Stephon, a buddy who he has been through hell and back with.  Because of this close connection, they have shared many women in their bed, a way of expressing the love they have to one another that few understand.  Matt felt they would never find their forever woman until Jewel came along.  Matt convinced Stephon to go to the diner to meet this incredibly beautiful woman who could fit into their lifestyle and hopefully fill the void in their lives.

As Stephon approaches the diner he hears a woman screaming.  He runs toward the sound to find a woman being attacked.  After saving the woman from her attacker, he finds she is Matt's Jewel, that he has come to like so much.  He and Matt make sure she is taken well care of allowing her to recuperate at the luxurious hotel where the band members are staying.  After she has recovered, the fun begins.

Not only is there lots of hot steamy sex scenes that Holly has a talent for writing, but the emotional aspect of the story line is what adds to the heart felt plot.  Overall, I give Loving Two Doms  7/10 Horndogs for a great story and hot sex scenes.

Meggie Bean:  Loving Two Doms follows the lives of three different people but they all need one thing - each other.  Matt and Stephon - also known as the two dominants - are best friends, ex-Marines, fellow band mates and in a way - Lovers.


They are in love with each other but need one thing - a woman to share.  Both men have a tragic past that fuel their twisted and oh-so kinky lives. 

Stephon seems content with what they have and what is expected but Matt wants more and then he meets Jewel.  

She's a little bruised, and scarred both emotionally and physically.  The very scars that kept men away are what draws these bad boys to her.

At first Jewel meets Matt and her body craves his in a way that she doesn't believe is possible.  

"His hand landed on hers, sending an electric current straight to her pelvic region,  and before she could pull away, his warm chocolate eyes paralyzed her."
She jumps into what could be a potential one-night stand and gets so much more than she ever expected.

These doms though share everything so before she can be considered a girlfriend - both men have to fall for her - and she has to agree.  When Jewel meets Stephon the sparks were undeniably present.

"Now Stephon smiled and Jewel's stomach flipped.  He was devastatingly attractive - with brown eyes darker than Matt's, classically gorgeous facial lines, a strong jaw, and had an unshaved shadow of facial hair surrounding a circle beard.  His sparkling eyes caused the flutters in her stomach to zing to her lady parts." 

But since she does not know the depth of their relationship—she begins to feel guilty. After the first impression wears off, Jewel begins to strongly dislike Stephon, and honestly—I hated him.  Eventually though the truth had to come out and Jewel needs to decide if this new life is something she can accept or if she will lose both men—forever. 
*              *              *
With all that said there were some good and bad things of this book.  For starters—I hated Stephon in the beginning (he did regain back some of my respect later) but not till later.  He was jealous, weird, and a total douchebag.  Dom or no-dom, he was so rude and conceited.  

Then there was Matt and he was great until I saw the way he responded to his friend/lover’s behavior.  I mean Jewel, who has a hard time trusting men, stomps home after Stephon screws with her the second time he meets her.  So what does Matt aka the mediator do?  Oh, well of course he tells Stephon to go fix it—and he sends him to Jewel’s apartment.  It was just wrong.  Jewel didn’t know Stephon (she hardly knew Matt) and now a pervy-douche is in her little place, bossing her around and digging through her things. I would have kicked his ass out and that would have been the end of those two in my opinion.  It wasn’t and she eventually caves in to some of their kink without knowing the depth of their relationship.

The relationship between the two men was one I wasn’t a fan of.  Their banter was fantastic—truly entertained me and I understood their—take a bullet for him—feeling.  It was the love and cuddling and the rest that I didn’t like.  However, I feel that is more personal preference than anything else.  

Aside from that, I was a little confused by some of the scenes.  There were so many names/characters that I found myself getting lost.  Sometimes it was difficult to tell who was speaking or what exactly was going on and I would have to re-read it a few times.  My other big issue was I felt there was just a lack of character connection.  More than once I felt I was being told about how someone felt.  Jewel liked Matt, he liked her—and I knew that because that’s what I was told to think.  It didn’t flow in a way that made me feel I was in the moment—that was one thing I wanted more of.  

My favorite thing about a book is feeling every little emotion, heartache and butterfly in my stomach.  It doesn’t happen with just any book I read and honestly, it is rare for the connection—it is just how I am.  

Overall though, if you are into some kink, sexy dominating men and some fantastic sex scenes—this is definitely one to check out.  It’d make a great quick, fun read and be a little escape from the real world, if only for a little while.  Personally, it was not my cup of tea but that doesn’t mean you should hold back from checking out this book!  It could be just the one you were looking for.  For me though I would give this book 7 out of 10 Horndogs

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~~Mia Rose's Top 10 Books of all time~~

I'm Mia Rose, and I'm bringing you my Top 10 favourite books of all time. 

There's nothing I love more than to sit down in a comfy chair and read a good book, I love how I can escape from the real world for a few hours and into the land of make believe (well technically it's make believe but its very much real to me lol.)

These are my ultimate escape books, they took hold of me and didn't let me go until the very last page was turned, and even then they still had me in their clutches for days after because I couldn't stop thinking about them!!!

I hope you love these books as much as I did.  Love Mia xxxxx

10. Captive in the dark - C.J. Roberts

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Coming in at number 10, Captive in the Dark is a book I hated and loved at the same time (then felt guilty for loving it).  I hated Caleb all the way through the book, but somehow by the end I loved him to.  How that happened I really don't know considering the things he did in the book.

I really loved Livvie and her fighting spirit.  She stayed strong while being subjected to Caleb's own unique brand of torture.  C.J Roberts does an amazing job of making us see past all the terrible stuff Caleb did and help us to see that he was just a damaged little boy who was just doing what he had grown up thinking was normal. That doesn't mean that i wasn't completely disturbed for about 95% of the book though!

9. Knight & Stay - Kitty French

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I thought the first book in the series was just ok, but Knight & Stay was outstanding.  I loved seeing more of Lucien's vulnerable and caring side, in fact, I loved everything about this second book in the series.  The steam factor is just as sky high in this book as it was in the first, and that's exactly how it needs to be for me to enjoy a book.  It was lovely to watch their pure sexual relationship turn into a deeply loving one by the end.

8. In Flight - R.K Lilley

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At number 8, is my very first BDSM book.  Being a BDSM virgin, I didn't know how I would react to the SM part in BDSM. 

Honestly, sadism/masochism still isn't really for me, but the relationships between the characters made this book come alive for me.  

I absolutely adored Stephen, Bianca's best friend, their friendship really touched me.  The way they cared and looked out for each other was just beautiful.  Obviously the sex was crazy HOT, as was Mr Cavendish aka Mr Beautiful, Mr Dominant, and Mr Mercurial of course.

7. Real - Katy Evans

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I loved how original this story was in this book.  I hadn't read anything like this before , and I haven't since.  I can honestly say I've never read a book with an alpha male like Remy before, he's truly unique (in a good way).  I was completely under Remy's spell from the get go!

6. Happy Hour - Shey Stahl

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I have no words for the level of love I have for this book.  The detail the author went into
was truly amazing.  It's also one of the funniest books I've ever read.  The humour between all the characters was brilliant, (I loved my arse off all the way through to the end).  There's a bit of everything in this book to please everyone.  I want to be a part of the Riley Family!!!

So we've reached the half way point in the countdown of my top 10 books.  The next 5, I think should be at the very top of everyone's must read list.

So here we go... 

5. Bared To You - Sylvia Day

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Who needs 50 Shades when we have the Crossfire Series.  I loved how true to life this book was, Eva was no innocent, naive virgin, she was a woman with a troubled past and was doing whatever she could to keep her life under control.  Gideon's intensity and possessiveness is exactly what i look for in my favourite alpha males.  This is another really sexy read and I got all hot under the collar a few times reading some of the sex scenes.  Again, I adored another secondary character, Eva's best friend Cary, he was there for her constantly, without fail.

4. Collide - Gail McHugh

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I didn't think this would be a book I would like when it first came out, simply because I'd heard it had a cheating story line, and that's something 
I really don't like to read about. I could of kicked myself when I finally gave in and read it.  I don't condone what Emily and Gavin did.  But when it comes to this book, I really didn't care that they had an affair behind Dillon's back because I really hated him, and I loved Gavin so much.  I have to say, though I liked Emily, I did want to give her a smack a few times and say "for God's sake girl, wake up!"  Gavin made this book for me, he's truly a special hero.  The sex being sizzlingly hot didn't hurt either.

3. Colter's Woman - Maya Banks

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In third place, my very first 'menage a quatre' book, so I was very nervous about reading it, in fact I really didn't think it would be for me.  Boy was I wrong, I absolutely loved it!!!  The sex scenes in this book are honestly some of the very best I've ever read, they're so hot, erotic, and emotional it should be illegal.  But, it also has a really great storyline and amazing characters to go with the great sex!

2. The Mighty Storm - Samantha Towle

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@ Goodreads

Second place is The Mighty Storm, me need for a hot bad boy was met in this book.  Jake Weathers was so very, very dreamy, and Tru was perfect for him.  I was so swept along with the story and the characters, I felt like I was living each and every angst filled moment with them.

So we've reached the end of my countdown...almost.  It's time to see what I have chosen as my Number 1 book of all time...  Ladies and Gentlemen...  *drum roll*

1. Beauty from Pain - Georgia Cates

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Finally, in first place is Beauty from Pain.  Georgia Cates did an excellent job of drawing me in from the very beginning, I was hooked from the first page to the last.  I loved everything about this book, from the story line to the characters and everything in between.  I fell completely in love with Jack Henry and the chemistry between him and Laurelyn was electric. I also loved Laurelyn's spunky attitude, she was no weak, dependent woman that's for sure.  She was strong and independent and didn't need help from anyone.  THAT is the type of heroine I like best of all!!!

So there you have it, my Top 10.  Although, if I could have, I would have put them all in first place, as I love them all equally as much!!!

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