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Colton Calloway... 

The Amazing HOT guy from Falling Into You!!

Colton Calloway is the Bad Girls feature Book Boyfriend of July 2013.  So how excited were we when he agreed to spend some time with us.  Let's just say there was LOTS of swooning, fanning and tripping over ourselves to see who would be the lucky one to do the Interview!  

Suffice it to say, with 12 of us fighting for the pleasure, and rock, paper, scissors turning into a wrestling match... it was ultimately safest for us, and Colton *wink wink* to have friends of the Bad Girls ask the questions!

Seriously, we heard Colton's sigh of relief from all of our locations!  
Anywho, keep reading to see what Colton had to say...

Bad Girls: Hello Colton!  Thank you so much for doing an interview with us.  We are the Bad Girls and not just by name so we’ll try not to be too naughty.  We are BIG fans of yours though so it may be hard.  We may even need a spanking……

Joanne Dromgold: Hi Colton. I'm a big fan *sigh*..... I'd like to know what it is about Nell that has you so drawn to her?  It is obvious there is a very deep and profound connection between the two of you, it was apparent from the first moment we see you at the funeral. Were those feelings already there for you? Is that why you were so supportive towards Nell? Or did the feelings begin to form after being there for her during that horrible event?

Colton: Hi Joanne. Thanks, I guess? I’m still getting used to people being my fans, so I hope I’m not too awkward about it. Nell is awesome, I mean, how can you not be drawn to her? I was as surprised by my feelings for Nell as she was about hers for me. That funeral was…difficult, for many reasons. And feeling an attraction to someone at a funeral is tough by itself, you know? You’re supposed to be there to mourn the loss of the loved one, not fall in love with someone. Least of all the girlfriend of your baby brother, who’s the one in the casket. It was hard, and surprising, and tricky. The feelings started at the funeral and grew from there.

Sandy Soetrisno: Hi Colt, *biting lips* do you think you could’ve fallen in love with Nell if Kyle was still alive? Assuming you came back home when she was all grown up and turned into this happy beautiful woman?

Colton: God, Sandy, that’s not a very fair question. Jeez. If Kyle had lived, I don’t think I would’ve let anything happen. Would the feelings have grown if I’d just come back and met her? I don’t know. I’d have been attracted to her because she’s just so damn beautiful, but I don’t think I would have done anything about it, if she was with Kyle.

Jasmine Hunter: Can you understand why some people would find your relationship between you and Nell as inappropriate or difficult to accept/understand?

Colton:  Sure Jasmine, I get it. I’m a few years older than her, but not THAT much. Since she was with Kyle, I can see how people might be uncomfortable with our relationship. But, unless you lived through what we did, I don’t think anyone has a right to judge. When you fall in love with someone, you don’t always have a lot of choice in it. You can choose to walk away, but that’s the hardest thing you could ever do. And Kyle was gone. He wasn’t coming back. It wasn’t a betrayal of him. We fought with that for a long time.

Nella Durham:  Are you and Nell going to return to NYC or stay home?  After all, you have your shop & gigs with Nell. 

Colton:  We’re hopping around. I’m not sure where we’ll settle. NYC has been my home for a long time, but I’m not sure it’s where we’ll stay. Nella, I can’t give you a definitive answer right now.

Jasmine Hunter:  Colt, how do you think Kyle would feel about your relationship with Nell? 

Colton:  You’re really hung up on this, aren’t you, Jasmine? LOL. In all seriousness, though, I can’t answer for Kyle. I’m not him. He’s dead. That’s harsh, maybe, but it’s just the truth. I can’t waste my emotional energy wondering what he’d think about my life, because that’s a slippery downward slope. Let the dead rest in peace, and live your life for you, making the best choices for yourself.

Britton Copeland Epps:   Do you wish you would have tried harder to get to know Nell after Kyle’s funeral instead of years later?

Colton: Not really Britton. I think we both needed time. I wasn’t in a place where I could have been with her, and obviously she had her own stuff to work through.

Jay Zee: Music clearly enables you to communicate freely with Nell by your side.  Do you think you will ever share that professionally?   You two make a great team.

Colton: Jay, we’re doing professionally right now. We’ve got gigs all across the east coast and through the south. We’re working on a tour of the mid-west and the west coast right now, but we’re doing it all ourselves, on our own dime and through our own planning, so it’s a bit of a slow process putting it all together.

Patricia Hopkins-Nesbitt:  So Colt... Boxers, Briefs or do you free ball it?  

Colton:  Boxer-briefs. I never ever go commando. It’s…chafey. That’s all I’ll say.

Patricia Hopkins-Nesbitt: ***Clank*** (sound of my panties hitting the floor) Colton what is your favorite sex position?   And have you always been an ass slapper? That is SO hot btw!  Nell is one lucky chick.

Colton: Wait, your panties clank? Should I ask? Is that the sound of your chastity belt unlocking? Kidding. Nell is my favorite sexual position. I like it all. Every position has it’s own merits. As for the ass-slapping, yeah. I love Nell’s ass, and in general, a nice ass is just a good thing. I don’t think any man can see a nice round ass and not want to slap it a little.

Joanne Dromgold:  Where did you learn your awesome “doorway” skills?

Colton: Well, Joanne, where I learned my doorway skills is a trade secret. But when you want a woman enough, you’d be surprised what you’ll do to have her. Don’t mistake sexual creativity for something it’s not, though. Making love with the person in your life should be fun and hot and an expression of your love. If you’re not crazy and acrobatic, that’s not a bad thing. Not everyone makes love the same way. If you and your significant other like it missionary most of the time, there’s nothing wrong with that. Enjoying each other is what’s important.

Colton: Well Girls.. Its been fun!  But I've gotta run!  Later...

Bad Girls:  Thank you very much for your time.  We are so excited to have had you here with us.  We hope we weren't too cheeky for you *wink wink*.

The Bad Girls would like to thank Jasinda Wilder for making this chat with Colton possible.  Be sure to show Jasinda your love and visit her at  
And a big thank you to Lola D's creativity, she always finds just the right pictures for us xxxx

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