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Review of 'Darkest Hour' by Lexi Jade

Lexi Jade's 'Darkest Hour' has been reviewed by Bad Girls: 

Kimmy Sparkles, Shaggy Catch-TwentyTwo and Mia Rose

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Dakota had just moved to Virginia Beach.  Out with her friends one night she meets Landon, a sexy man on leave from the military who she knows is not good for her heart.

All Landon wanted was a good time during his week home on military leave with his friends.  After meeting Dakota at a bar one night and losing a bet, his world gets turned upside down when he has to spend the week with her.  It wasn't a big deal at the time, but now he can't stop thinking about her.

Fire and passion burn within these two when they are near.  How far will Dakota go to protect her heart from being destroyed again; how far will Landon go to make sure he is all she will ever need.  Will they survive or will they go their separate ways.  A night neither will ever forget turns out to be their darkest hour.

This group of Bad Girls rate 'Darkest Hour' 
Shaggy's says:

Darkest Hour by Lexi Jade had all my favorite ingredients: A Marine...hell that is typically all it takes for me (kidding I am not that shallow...yet) A woman who has loved and lost, crazy friends, and one hell of a crazy night. With all of these ingredients we meet Dakota a woman who works way too much and who has been slighted by love once before. 

In walks Landon, Hooray!!!! yep a Marine (*sighing* I have a strong weakness for service men, especially Landon and his weapon wielding hot self) home on leave him and his buddies hit the town and make a bet with Dakota and her girls.  A bet that makes sparks fly and boy did I feel the heat from Landon and Dakota, but unfortunately that is where it ended for me as well. 

I went through the motions but felt little, I wanted to know Landon and Dakota more, I wanted to feel their emotions for each other. I didn't feel any of those things which sadden me.  That said, I am giving her 5 horndogs, why am I giving her 5 horndogs?  

Well because Ms. Jade is one to keep an eye out for, I know she is going to so comeback and rock my socks off and I will beg for more. Even though Darkest Hour did not do it for me, I know this Author has potential to be huge, she sure as hell knows how to steam up the room.

Kimmy's thoughts:

Lexi Jade’s debut Darkest Hour is a short easy read. It’s about a woman that works in health care and has a lot going on, meeting a Marine and spending one week with him. Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? 

The story starts with Dakota having a girls night out; drinks, laughs and dancing. The girls end up hustling these marines into a game of pool. The bet, who wins gets to spend the week with that person. Well Dakota and the girls win so she gets to spend the week with Landon. 

Great story line, but it just didn’t captivate me. I didn’t feel completely connected to these characters. While the story had enough drama to get me to the end it just was missing something. It was well written and Ms. Jade can write some very steamy stuff. But yet there was still something missing to it, that connection. 

Props to Lexi Jade and her debut and putting herself out there.  She definitely has talent, keep your eye on her she will be doing great things I know this. But as for Darkest Hour I rate it 5 horndogs. 

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Mia Rose's review:

I won't go into much detail about what the books about but basically the heroine Dakota was newly divorced and had recently been in a bad car accident, she wanted to get away from all the bad memories her hometown holds for her and move away. Her college best friend Kinley moved to Virginia beach after they graduated and has been trying to get her to move down there with her ever since, so she packs everything she wants to keep (which is not much) up and off she goes!!!

She ends up meeting a military man named Landon, while on a night out with 2 of her friends a few weeks later, he was on a weeks leave from the military and was also out with 2 friends. Needless to say, they all end up hitting it off, and each pair end up going home with each other at the end of the night. 

I thought the book started off with a lot of promise, I loved reading about how the girls hustled the guys at the pool table the first night they all met, I thought that was hilarious. They really put three big, cocky, macho, military men in their place that's for sure, loved it!!!
I liked getting the two POVs, going back and forth between Dakota and Landon. I really like getting into the lead males head (I didn't mind getting lost in Landon's head that's for sure lol). 

Dakota was a hard working nurse, and an independent, feisty woman, and that's the type of heroine I like best. And Landon, well what can I say about him other than drool worthy, lets face it, all military men are, how can they not be!!! 

BUT, and I'm sorry to say this is a big BUT, because this book just ended up feeling really rushed to me, Lexi Jade never went into any detail about the week they ended up spending together, the chapters were really short, and every issue or event that occurred was dealt with and over within a few short paragraphs!!! There was also very little detail of either of their backgrounds. So because of these things, the book was a little spoilt for me in the end if I'm honest!!!

I'm giving this a rating of 5 Horn Dogs - Started off with a lot of promise, but ended up being to rushed and with nowhere near enough detail!!! 

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