Sunday, July 14, 2013

'imperfectly perfect' by A.E Woodward

A Review presented by Penelope Pureheart.

If you are looking for an almost perfect love story this is it.  The characters are real, like the friends you can connect with and the ones that make you shake your head.  The goofy friend you have that says the first thing that pops into their head with no internal filter.  The ass boyfriend that has cheated on you and lied about it.  The guy that you can be honest with and the relationship that starts with friendship.

Then there is you or Emma, the author does such a good job you can become Emma in your mind.  I understand Emma.

"Growing up, my mother was unrelenting in her lessons on the importance of perfection.  I had to have the perfect hair, find the perfect boyfriend, and choose the perfect college.  I found the more my mother pressured me, the more i pushed back."
The author created wonderful characters, developed a terrific plot with enough conflict to make the story interesting and connected the plot pieces at the end.  You can tell I loved this read.  I would recommend it to a wide range of readers.  The lessons learned from the characters are universal in appeal.  The author's use of humor helps me to care about the characters.

But.. if you are looking for a pantie wetting book this would not be for you.  Your heart will beat fast, you'll love the characters but it is not a sexually explicit "adult" book.  This book will have a wide range audience, and what a bargain at $0.99!

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Bad Girls thanks A.E Woodward for the chance to review her work.
Collage is courtesy of Penelope Pureheart.

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