Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kimberlyn Kandie reviews Edible by Ella Frank

Edible is the third in the Exquisite Series by Ella Frank. We finally get to read Rachel and Cole’s story. If you have not read the first two in the series which are Exquisite and Entice I highly recommend it before reading Edible. YOU ARE SO MISSING OUT!!! 

You are introduced to Rachel in the first book as Mason’s little sister who works at his restaurant Exquisite, as a pastry chef. You are automatically drawn to her.  She is a feisty, vivacious, and strong character by all means. Then she meets Cole at a club named Whipped and is thrown for a loop. From their first meeting Cole knows she is the one for him. Cole is also introduced as well in the other books.

Cole is a successful lawyer who radiates sex, power, and has an addiction to caramel candies!!! When he see’s Rachel he knows he has to have her at all costs.  They both are not what they seem to be on the outside. Their layers are slowly peeled away as they get to know and explore each other. When they finally explore each other there is an EXPLOSION that you don’t want to miss. Believe me when I say this, you will never look at caramel sauce the same way again. Something I would put on my to do list!!

Ella Frank ROCKED this book from the beginning to the end!! She does not let you down. 

Edible grabs you and sucks in you without letting you go. I so enjoy and love Ella’s writing style. She gets you to experience a variety of emotions in all her books. Trust me I have read them all and never disappointed. 

I waited for this book for so long to come out and was not disappointed in the least as I have been with other highly anticipated books to be released. You don’t get the beat around the bush story or the sappy excuse why they can’t be together story line with this book or even see old flames getting in the way. 

This book gets a massive 10/10 on our horndog scale.

Get ready for a HUGE TREAT.  Edible is available now at amazon.com!!

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