Thursday, July 4, 2013

JD's Top Ten Alpha Males

My name is JD Nighthawk and I love an alpha male.  Nothing hotter.  I need a man who is ALLL man.  
SNAGS (Sensitive New Age Guys) need not apply.

So let me introduce you to my top ten alphas.

These men made me squirm in my seat..... I hope they do that for you too

Love JD xoxo

10. Braden Carmichael

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young.  That Scottish brogue... "Gentlemen are gentlemen in bed.  They make sure you're having a good time." "I'll make sure you're having a good time, and that you're ok with everything we're doing.  I just won't be well mannered about it."  Damn!

9.  Lucien Knight

Knight and Stay by Kitty French.  A seductive Viking who knows his way around a sex toy, Lucien Knight is guarding his heart to protect his broken soul.  Despite this, he is an alpha who knows who he wants and what he wants.  He also knows how to seriously push the boundaries when it comes to pleasure (I don't think i can drink champagne without blushing now).  I'll be your Viking Queen Lucien!

8.  Ethan Blackstone

The Blackstone Affair series by Raine Miller.  An alpha with a tender side and James Bond disposition.  You just know that you would be safe with him.  I want him to take care of me.  *Wink Wink*

7. Hawk Delgado

Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley.  "Babe" - such an alpha.  How does he manage to convey an entire conversation in that one little word?!  Did it for me in the first scene.  "You coming or what?"

6. Luke Stark

Rock Chick Revenge by Kristen Ashley.  A mustached, tight black clothes wearing, Porsche driving, handcuff wielding, don't mess with me, stand up for his woman, hottie.  Luke Stark makes me sigh.  Big time!

5. Tack

Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley.  A free living, orgasm giving, stand up for what he believes in alpha with his own brand of bad ass.  Tack lays it all out.  "Red," he said softly.  "You entered the game, it's my game, babe, you play it my way."  Oh lord.  Can I take a ride on your bike?  Please?

4. Joe Callaghan

At Peace by Kristen Ashley.  Oh Joe!  Joe Callaghan is a tall dark and seriously sexy uber alpha.  This man has a very powerful presence - he is gruff, fierce, to the point and once he has made up his mind, that's it!  He is also super smart, protective and full of love.  It just takes a but to uncover that love but once you do...damn.  Swoon.

3.  Knight Sebring

Knight by Kristen Ashley.  Oh man this guy is THE alpha.  When Anya play up on his birthday just to encounter his dominant alpha hotness and be punished....... damn.  I nearly expired!

2. Caleb

Captive in the Dark Series by CJ Roberts.  A controversial character but he is all alpha and he pushed my boundaries, hard.

and my number one is.......

1. Christian Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by EL James.  The alpha who started it all for me.  He changed my life.  Enough said...

Feel free to let me know who your top 10 alpha's would be..

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